'Kyakurai' for string orchestra

“Kyakurai” is based on the notion of the Noh theatre, which means, after reaching to the top level of artistry, to go back to the remembrance of the initial enthusiasm and to express all that one has learned and experienced in simple gestures.

- Kensaku Shimizu -

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Requiem for Fukushima

Some time before the disaster, I was commissioned to compose an orchestral work. When it happened, the initial impact was so great that I just could not rationally comprehend what happened in Fukushima and its environs. But, It did not take much time to finalize the theme. I was somehow given all it takes to complete this work. I realized that I was destined to compose it. This music represents my soul journey. It is my sincere hope that I share it with everyone, who listens to this work, and this disaster shall not be forgotten.
- Kensaku Shimizu -

Moon of the Mind (digest)

Sound of the Pine Breeze (digest)

Prayer (digest)

Furusato Variation

"Furusato Variation" was written for Noe Inui.
The theme is a well known Japanese traditional song.

- Kensaku Shimizu -

Furusato Variation (digest)

Poem Passionnée

Into the Deep

“Into the deep” for cello and piano, a commissioned work by the Bremen Music Festival and Leonard Elschenbroich, was world-premiered in the Bremen Music Festival in Aug. 2015. This world-premiere was broadcasted by Deutschlandfunk on 25th Jan. 2016. Then performed in many venues in the world.

cello: Leonard Elschenbroich,
piano: Alexei Grynyuk

Rest!, while you can

Sakura-sakura Fantasy

Koi no netori

“Koi no netori” for flute and guitar is to be premiered today in Tokyo.
This piece is derived by the Kiyotsune, a well known story in Noh.
I was truly fascinated not just by the story but the specific sound of
the Japanese flute, that plays an important role.

- Kensaku Shimizu -

Fantasy on 'Angels We Have Heard On High'

Fly, Fly Away

“Fly,Fly Away” for Flute and Cello was written in 2016.
When I first saw the painting of the collaborative work
by Koetsu Honami and Sotatsu Tawaraya, I was immediately
taken into the painting itself and traveled
in the imaginary world for such a long time.
What a great painting it was!!

- Kensaku Shimizu -